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Waukesha Auto Salvage Specialists Come Through For Local Customer

B&M Auto Customer Tells His Story

We received this great testimonial from Greg, a repeat customer of ours, and wanted to share his appreciative words here on our website. Whether you're working on getting a project car road-worthy or just need a replacement OEM part, Greg's story illustrates how our Waukesha auto salvage shop can be of assistance.

"For years, B&M has been my go-to place for used, high-quality OEM parts for multiple cars. They saved me thousands of dollars on my S14 240SX build. I had purchased the car online while I was deployed. The previous owner had some pics and noted some rust, but I had no idea how bad it actually was until I got home. Determined to save the car, I had a body shop start repairing the damage.

BEFORE: Customer's 240SX showing rust damage to lower rear quarter panel.

Nissan rust damage

DURING: Rust damage on Greg's 240 SX  severe enough to necessitate cutting out and replacing the rocker panels!

Within the first week, they quoted me $2100 for two rocker panels and a left rear quarter panel, and told me there was a one-month estimated shipping time.

So then I called B&M and got hold of Jeff. Over the phone, he was able to search the online inventory of over 2,200 auto recyclers across the country using their ADP Hollander network. Within minutes he found everything I needed in Tennessee--for $650!

On top of that, I had all my parts in a week. Cannot say enough good things about B&M Auto.

Side note on the 240SX project, I swapped the engine out and converted the car to a 5 speed, getting all the hard-to-find parts from B&M. They also tracked down a mint OEM ‘95 SE gauge cluster with only 40,000 miles on it to replace my broken gauge cluster, as well as miscellaneous trim pieces. All at super competitive prices or cheaper than online.

Ok, one more cool story:  Last year I bought a 2005 Maxima for winter use. It had a cracked front bumper and a seized rear caliper. I called B&M, got the parts and installed them. In the spring, I ended up selling the car to a dealership for more money than I paid for the car and parts!”

DURING: Replacement rear quarter panel and rocker panel almost prepped for painting.

Recycled OEM Auto Parts: B&M Auto Sales To The Rescue

Nissan 240SX replacement parts

AFTER: Greg's 240 SX looking sharp!

Greg’s story isn’t unique. Every day we get requests for body panels and OEM auto parts for everything from collectible classics to rolling wrecks. If we don’t have the part in our huge warehouse, we’ll get online and find it. And, usually, we can get it for far less than local body shops.

Whether you’re looking for a body panel or a part, give B&M Auto a shot at finding it for you. There are downloadable cut sheets on our website. You can fill them out, scan them and email them back, or just give us a call or email to let us know what you need. Or, if you're in the area, stop by our used auto parts shop in Waukesha.

Contact B&M Auto Sales and Parts for help finding the auto parts you need.


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