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Recycled Double-Filtered Antifreeze from Your Milwaukee Area Used Auto Parts Company

Recycled Antifreeze Saves You Money and Protects the Environment

double filtered anti freeze cheap east troy wiIt isn’t too often a product comes along to help you save money and protect the environment.
Recycled, double-filtered antifreeze from our Milwaukee used auto parts company helps you do both!

Don’t let the low price fool you; our recycled antifreeze is a cheap, safe and effective, top-quality product. It transfers heat to your new or used radiator just as well as most other coolants. Our recycled, double-filtered antifreeze is compatible with all new coolants, making it a perfect additive for when your antifreeze level is low but doesn’t need to be completely replaced. Plus, it’s suitable for all engines. Recycled coolant gives the same high level of liner pitting protection as new antifreeze.

Our recycled, double-filtered coolant is much cheaper than the new stuff. When you own a used vehicle, you want to treat it well to keep it going, but you also don’t want to be buried in maintenance costs for upkeep. Recycled, double-filtered antifreeze from B&M Auto fits the bill perfectly. Our detailed process recycles the ethylene glycol in antifreeze to make it as good or better-than-new.

B&M Auto is Milwaukee’s leading auto recycling company. More than any other local auto junk yard or scrap yard, we know what it takes to keep vehicles performing at peak efficiency. Quality antifreeze, kept at proper levels, extends the life of your vehicle. We heartily endorse our recycled, double-filtered antifreeze and guarantee your complete satisfaction. Turn to B&M Auto for recycled, double-filtered antifreeze with corrosion inhibitors which meet nationally recognized standards for performance.

Recycled, Double-Filtered Antifreeze Solves Old Coolant Problems

Old antifreeze can cause problems for your engine and for the environment. Even the best antifreeze becomes polluted over time, picking up lead and benzene from the engine. As antifreeze breaks down, it can form acids which eat away at your vehicle’s cooling system. If you notice the heat gauge constantly running higher its likely due to old antifreeze being unable to transfer heat to the radiator. Don’t let this situation go on for too long or you’ll run into bigger, more costly problems.

Having antifreeze in your cooling system is not enough, especially during Wisconsin’s brutal winters. You need to make sure the antifreeze in your vehicle is of sufficient quality and quantity to keep your engine protected and performing well.

Recycled Antifreeze Helps Protect the Environment

Improper disposal of used antifreeze releases toxic waste and harmful components into the environment. Recycled, double-filtered antifreeze from our Milwaukee used auto parts shop puts old antifreeze to the best and safest use possible. Stop into B&M Auto today and give Mother Nature (and your wallet!) a hug when you pick up our recycled, double-filtered antifreeze. Hurry, though! Demand right now is sky high!

Contact our Milwaukee auto scrap yard today for more information about this environmentally friendly (and cheap) antifreeze.

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