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Replacement Car Batteries on the Cheap from B&M Auto Sales and Parts

Wisconsin's Freezing Cold and Blazing Heat Take Their Toll on Batteries

Don't risk getting stranded with a dead battery. Get a quality recycled battery from B&M Auto Sales and Parts.

While the freezing winters we contend with around Milwaukee are tough on car batteries, the summers are actually worse. Driving in hot, humid weather like we get in this area leads to extreme heat under the hood, which causes the battery to reach extreme internal temperatures. This causes the lead plates inside the battery to start corroding—the first step towards the fateful day your car refuses to start.

Another common problem caused by high temperatures is evaporation of water inside the battery. Yes, even “maintenance free” sealed batteries will lose water inside from excessive heat. This is why non-sealed batteries are a better choice for consistently hot climates, since distilled water can be added when necessary. Although Wisconsin isn’t known for triple digit heat, we do get hot and humid weather and old batteries are particularly susceptible to damage in these conditions.

Whether it's a hot day in summer or a frigid one in January, being stranded with a dead battery is never fun. Best advice: Don't wait until your battery fails to get a replacement battery.

About Our Used Auto Batteries

If your car’s battery is reaching the age where it should probably be replaced, or seems sluggish about starting your engine, B&M Auto Sales and Parts has quality used batteries starting at only $30, plus the core exchange. This is about half of what the cheapest new car battery costs from an online merchant, and B&M backs all our batteries with a 90-day warranty.

The batteries we offer for sale are harvested from mostly late model cars and trucks which have been deemed irreparable by the owner’s insurance company. In many cases, the batteries are only a year or two old. We clean the terminals, make sure they’re charged and offer them for sale at our Waukesha auto salvage yard. And if you’re not sure what capacity battery you need, just let us know the make, model and year of your car and we’ll let you know if we have what you need.

3 Frequently Asked Questions About Car Batteries

How Long Should A Battery Last?

If you’re lucky enough to live in a place with no high temperatures, no high humidity and no below freezing temperatures, your battery can last about 6 years. However, southeast Wisconsin is a long way from that kind of Shangri La. In our environment, most car batteries will last between 3 to 5 years (although it’s not uncommon to hear of batteries lasting 6 or 7 years). Batteries tend to last longer when the car is driven daily. Leaving a car parked for extended periods without starting causes it to lose its charge.

How Do You Know How Old Your Battery Is?

Is your battery due for replacement?Battery code on battery
Code stamped on battery top indicates date of manufacture. This one is from November of 2010: K= November, 0=2010

If you can’t remember when you bought your battery and can’t find the receipt, you can tell how old your battery is by an alphanumeric code stamped on top of the battery. Look for the first number and the first letter in sequence on the battery. Here’s the key to deciphering the code:

Months are indicated by the letters A through M:

A-    January

B-    February

C-    March

D-    April

E-    May

F-    June

G-    July

H-    August

I-    September

J-    October

K-    November

L-    December

Years are indicated by the numbers 1- 10

2- 2002

3- 2003

4- 2004

5- 2005

6- 2006

7- 2007

8 – 2008

9 – 2009

0 – 2010

1 - 2011

How Can You Tell if Your Battery Is About To Fail?

Usually, a battery will give you some warning signs. You may notice your car doesn’t start as quickly as it used to, as though it’s getting lazy about it. You may also notice that interior lights dim when you’re starting the car (obviously, you would only notice this at night). The best way to assess your battery, though, is by having it tested with a computerized battery tester, which will show if your battery just needs to be charged or if it needs to be replaced. Many local garages and places that sell batteries offer this test at no charge.

Need a battery? Contact our Waukesha auto salvage yard now to check our current inventory of batteries.

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