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Best Place To Buy Used Rims In Milwaukee

Best place to buy used rims and tires in Milwaukee

If you're looking for a good set of used rims, check with B&M Auto Sales and Parts in Waukesha. We always have a great selection of aluminum and steel rims for a wide range of vehicles. And if we don't have what you need in stock, we'll tap into our computer system to track it down at one of the 2,300+ other recycled auto parts dealers across the country.

One way or another, we'll get you the parts you need. We're committed like that. Seriously, before you venture into the flaky world of Craigslist in search of set of rims, check with B&M Auto.

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Great Deals from the Salvage Yard Milwaukee Trusts

While used tires can save you hundreds over the cost of new tires, it’s important to buy from a place you can trust. You should only buy used tires from a reputable ARA Gold Seal member like B&M Auto to avoid trouble. We've maintained an ARA Gold Seal membership for over 20 years and adhere to their high standards for the sale of used auto parts. All our tires carry a 90-day warranty, a 15-day return for refund timeframe and a 30-day exchange policy.

Why the Used Tires You Find Elsewhere Are Risky

The screaming deals you find at garage sales and in online ads often have problems you won’t know about until you mount them up. Some advise against buying used tires because you just don’t know what you’re getting. Consider, though, how many used cars are purchased every year. They certainly don’t come with new tires. Buying used tires from a reputable dealer is a great way to save money and the environment.

Why Choose B&M Auto for Used Tires?

Our technicians inspect all the tires we sell for signs of dry rot, tears, cracking or other damage that could cause you problems down the road. We also measure the tread depth to ensure they have plenty of life left in them. If they’re not fit for the road, we won’t sell them.

Benefits of Buying Used Tires from B & M Auto

  • Used Tires are Cheaper: Affordability is perhaps the biggest draw to buying used tires. You can typically save around 50% when buying used tires over new tires.
  • Selling or Trading: When selling or trading in your vehicle you can get more value if the tires do not require immediate replacement. Ensuring the vehicle is equipped with safe, quality used tires also makes the sale or trade-in process go faster and smoother.
  • In Between Vehicles: If the tires on your current vehicle are thread-bare or patched, but you know you’ll be changing vehicles soon, buying quality used tires from our Milwaukee auto salvage yard is a cost-effective way to get you through until you get your next vehicle.
  • Turning in a Leased Vehicle: Many leasing dealerships charge you a hefty tire replacement fee if you return the vehicle with worn down, damaged or mismatched tires. Avoid these high unnecessary costs with a set of used tires from B&M Auto Sales and Parts. With a huge selection of quality tires, chances are we’ll have just what you need.

Affordable Used Rims - Snow Tires Or Year-Round Use

Come winter, many Wisconsin drivers switch over to snow tires. Having the snow tires mounted on another set of rims saves time and money, but new rims can be expensive. For many Milwaukee area drivers, used rims are the perfect solution. Many times drivers will choose a basic steel wheel for winter use. These wheels are less expensive and no tears are shed when they get mucked up with road salt and grey slush. Some drivers also feel the additional weight of steel rims provides more traction to the wheel in adverse conditions.

B&M Auto Sales maintains a good inventory of rims, both steel and aluminum, in a wide range of sizes. If we don’t have what you need, we will find it for you. As part of a nationwide network of over 2,300 auto recyclers, we can track down virtually any rim or other used auto part you may need.

B&M Auto Sales and Parts is proud to provide used rims to those in Waukesha, Greenfield, Milwaukee, New Berlin, Muskego, Pewaukee, Wauwatosa, Brookfield, West Allis, Franklin, and more. Contact us today for help locating recycled auto parts!
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