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Waukesha Recycled Auto Parts Supplier Pays Homage To The Beater

B&M Auto Sales and Parts on the Joys of Owning a Beater Car

“Driving a brand new car feels like driving around in an open billfold with the dollars flapping by your ears as they fly out the window.” –Grey Livingston

Volvo240BeaterAll of us here at our Waukesha auto parts recycling center have a soft spot for beater cars. Besides being our bread and butter, we drive them ourselves. (Who would have thought?) Keeping our clientele supplied with the quality recycled auto parts they need to keep their cars running is what we live for here at B&M Auto Sales and Parts.

Whether it’s an ’87 Dodge Omni with a crumpled rear quarter panel and a hood that’s flaking paint, a ’91 Civic with a rattle can paint job, or any other manner of moving eyesore, the beater car is the unsung hero of the automotive world. Although known for dutifully getting its occupants from point A to point B, the beater is not without its downside—namely, the need for replacement parts.

Keep Your Beater On The Road With A Little Help From B&M Auto Sales

When your beater needs a replacement part, as it inevitably will, B&M Auto Sales and Parts either has it in stock or will find it for you quickly. Our Waukesha auto salvage yard is a gold mine of used auto parts in Milwaukee . But if there’s something we don’t have, like a front grill for your ’73 Maverick, we’ll unleash the mighty power of an ADP Hollander Interchange computer search to access over 2,300 auto recyclers around the country.

We will find your part.Subaru beater

You can use our online auto parts search tool yourself, but for best results we recommend just shooting us an email with info on the part(s) you need. Often, new inventory isn’t yet reflected in an online search. If we know what you’re looking for, we’ll be able to track it down quickly and get back to you via email or phone with a price—a really good price.

All the auto parts we sell have been duly inspected to ensure they are safe for use on the road. Whether you buy a part from us in person at our Waukesha auto recycling center or online, we offer a 90-day warranty, a 15-day return policy, and a 30-day exchange policy.

Recycled auto parts for old FordConcerned about the safety of used auto parts? We covered this in a recent news article on a national news story on recycled auto parts. Ponder this though: Are the rear tail lights of a car that was totaled in a front end collision in any way compromised? Is the alternator of late model car ruined by a side impact collision damaged in any way? No, they're not.

There are hundreds of perfectly good parts on cars which are otherwise unusable any more. We harvest the serviceable parts and offer them at tremendous savings. 

Simple as that.

Top 6 Reasons to Drive a Beater

The less you spend on your car, the more you have for other things

Beer, college tuition for the kids, home improvement projects, expanding your collection of 16th century tapestries—whatever you’re into, you’ll have more money to enjoy it if you’re not saddled with a loan on a new car.

You’ll never cry over parking lot dings

An unsightly ding on a brand new car is enough to make you want to get the surveillance video from the parking lot and track down the ne’er do well who carelessly flung open his car door against your baby. On a beater car, no worries. Another ding just adds to the character.

Just think of all the time and money you’ll save on waxing your car

Rust and faded paint doesn't look much better with a coat of wax. The classic beater needs only to be hosed off at every change of season. Or left out in the rain.

Inconspicuous consumption is cool

At the height of his fame, did Kurt Cobain (lead singer/guitarist for Nirvana) run out and buy a Bentley? No, he still drove the 1986 Volvo 240 sedan he purchased second-hand. Did anyone ever accuse Kurt of being uncool because of the car he drove?

Replacement parts are incredibly affordable downright cheap!

Buying replacement parts for a new car is ridiculously expensive. A new driver’s side rear view mirror, for instance, can run upwards of $400. On a beater, you’re looking at half that amount or less. Maybe the color won’t match, but who cares? Point is, recycled auto parts will save you beaucoup bucks.

You’ll get to know the crew at B&M Auto Sales and Parts, and maybe get a free donut

We’re a gosh darn friendly crew, always willing to help out our customers in any way we can. We’ll be on a first-name basis in no time. 

Ready to start the hunt for a part you need, contact our Waukesha recycled auto parts specialists this very moment through the magic of the internet!

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